SKU: 深空绿【PC款】
{"att":[{"Color": "Pencing coconut palm【Metal spring leg】" ,"qty": "2"},{"Color": "Storage package【DD version】" ,"qty": "5"},{"Color": "Deep space green【Metal spring leg】" ,"qty": "3"},{"Color": "Get rid of blue【Metal spring leg】" ,"qty": "3"},{"Color": "Jazz black【Metal spring leg】" ,"qty": "3"},{"Color": "Storage package【High -quality version】" ,"qty": "3"},{"Color": "Pencing coconut palm【PC】" ,"qty": "3"},{"Color": "Deep space green【PC】" ,"qty": "3"},{"Color": "Get rid of blue【PC】" ,"qty": "4"},{"Color": "Jazz black【PC】" ,"qty": "5"}]}


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