About Us

Company History

Sourcing can be difficult to get your business off the ground if you do not know where to buy your goods and how to ship them. However, many businesses complained that since all the programs are in Chinese, they find it extremely hard to navigate through the platforms to find their needed supplies. Our team then realized there was a gap in the market that needed attention: an easy way to search for affordable products, a way to ship the goods, and user-friendly payment gateways. Thus, came the creation of this platform where its core focus is to allow business minded people to easily search for products that will ship to their destination using flexible payment options with experienced freight forwarders. Our company will continue to expand its network and services of shipping providers and suppliers to help you start your business TODAY.

What We Fight For

We at borderless commerce believe in a world where commerce should not be limited by your geographic location, but rather by your drive to start a business. Too many times have we encountered the situation at the checkout screen when the purchase for essential goods could not be made due to shipping or payment restrictions. We strive to give everybody a chance to be on the same playing field. Let your business plans become a reality through our procurement and shipping services.

We aim to provide the most transparent and worry-free experience to our customers from purchasing all the way to shipping the item to its destination. We will also be able to add more services as the platform grows like direct contact with suppliers, quality insurance, and other services. If at any time you feel that you are not clear with your situation, contact us via email.

Our Experience

Our team has travelled around the world and experienced the pain points firsthand about procuring items overseas in over 5 continents. We deal with multiple payment gateways to ensure your money goes where it needs to when purchasing your products.
We have over 8 years of logistics experience and 3 years of experience negotiating with suppliers and freight forwarders. We know how to communicate with the locals and get what you need, when you need it. Partnering with multiple freight forwarders, we can ensure your goods for business arrive at your doorstep hassle free.