SKU: 预售防弹深紫2022 FESTA
{"att":[{"Shape": "Yellow Butter fat bounce B" ,"qty": "2"},{"Shape": "Celebration 2021 Fat Bullet B Group" ,"qty": "2"},{"Shape": "Permisison to dance" ,"qty": "2"},{"Shape": "Fat bomb B group 2021 Holiday Collection" ,"qty": "2"},{"Shape": "Fat Bomb B Group GQ Magazine 2022" ,"qty": "2"},{"Shape": "Fat bomb B group 7fates chakho" ,"qty": "1"},{"Shape": "Powder 2022" ,"qty": "1"},{"Shape": "Fat bomb B group DECO KIT" ,"qty": "2"},{"Shape": "Nc group dream" ,"qty": "1"},{"Shape": "izty Voltage" ,"qty": "1"},{"Shape": "Red Velvet" ,"qty": "1"},{"Shape": "ive love dive" ,"qty": "1"},{"Shape": "Fat Fire Fire" ,"qty": "1"},{"Shape": "got7" ,"qty": "1"},{"Shape": "seventeen Face the Sun" ,"qty": "1"},{"Shape": "EXO2021" ,"qty": "1"},{"Shape": "NC group 127 Sticker" ,"qty": "1"},{"Shape": "Fat bomb B group 2022 season greetings" ,"qty": "2"},{"Shape": "Bulletproof black PROOF" ,"qty": "5"},{"Shape": "Bulletproof Purple 2022 FESTA" ,"qty": "3"},{"Shape": "Pre -sale Blid Deep Purple 2022 FESTA" ,"qty": "5"}]}


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